Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Rankings and Stats

In truth, we are torn over posting rankings and stats. First we are divided on our love/trust of stats. The right eye black LOVES stats, while the left eye black thinks only one counts, and that's a big W. Then throw in our mutual distrust of beauty pageant voters, i.e.whoever votes in all these polls, combined with the mystery that surrounds the BCS "computer".

We think that something as important as "choosing" the National Championship contenders should be more powerful than WOPR, but if you've STILL got Iowa as the no. 1 team in America, we have a strong suspicion that the BCS computer is a Commodore 64 hidden away in the basement of an evil Hawkeye mastermind somewhere.

And to prove our point, can you imagine the winner of a beauty pageant if it was decided by a computer?

So, if you want all the stats and rankings we'd like to refer you to either ESPN or The Bull Gator, if you like your info with Gator commentary.

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