Wednesday, November 11, 2009

SEC Replay monitors are not HD

In the following article, David Parry, the national coordinator of football offi­cials, explains that
the SEC does not use HD monitors for its replay officials. What is more surprising is he thinks that's just fine, even in the wake of so many questionable replay calls.

Parry said the lack of high-definition television sets in replay booths is a growing concern around the country. The Pac-10 has asked Parry to place the is­sues of monitors on the agenda for a national meet­ing of officials in January.

The SEC does not use high-definition TVs. Red­ding said the current equip­ment is fine, but he wouldn't oppose an up­grade.

Redding said the SEC will review its officiating pro­gram after the season, as it always does, but doesn't envision major changes.

"The way I view it is if this isn't broke, let's not fix it," he said. "I don't see any sort of emergency, oh my God, we've got to fix some­thing

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For an in depth Q&A with David Parry, click here. Excerpt below:

Q: Why hasn't the replay equipment been upgraded?

"I think that will be discussed. I visited with the Pac-10 supervisor of officials the other day and he asked to put that on the agenda item for our national meetings in January."

Q: Are there are a lot of conferences reporting outdated replay equipment?

"I don't think they're outdated. I don't want to give that impression. The machinery I was working on this morning (for training videos) is relatively new. It's all high-definition. It's obviously clear and sharper than the monitors in the Big Ten conference stadiums that I used to see frequently. If the fact is some of the monitors are foggy or faulty or not clear, the administrators and ADs will address that. It's already been brought up by one."

Photo: David Parry

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