Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The sound of silence

Sigh. It's only Wednesday and Gator football news this week has been tedious and tiresome. What's worse, it doesn't even seem like it's about football...

So we're taking the rest of the day off, getting a pizza, and will be watching baseball for the duration.

We'll see ya tomorrow. Until then, please have a look at the info for the Be Her Freedom run in JAX this weekend below.

* * *

That didn't last very long.

UPDATE: Brandon Spikes is sitting out of the whole Vandy game - self imposed. "I don't want to be a distraction to the team." "I feel like things were blowing up. I feel if I would have played it would be a big thing...trying to stay out of the way."

Was a group decision:
“A lot of the negative things out there are really weighing heavy on his heart right now,” Meyer said. “And so we thought, as a group, we decided it would be best interest just for the team to not play him Saturday. But it’s a group decision and we’re doing it out of respect to our team, so we can try to focus on trying to win our ninth game.”

SEC Commissioner Mike Slive is reviewing Urban Meyer's remarks on late hit against Tebow in the Georgia game.

Tebow reclaims Heisman poll lead.

Back to the pizza....