Saturday, November 14, 2009

Spurrier's Top Ten Pet Peeves about Tebow

Well, according to Gregory Hardy:

10. Steve Jr. keeps asking me to get Timmy to autograph a football with, "From the best Heisman-winning Gator QB ever!"

9. I wish he would have made a "promise" to drop 100 points on Lane Kiffin.

8. Yeah, like he's gonna get hired by the Redskins.

7. He clams up whenever I ask him if any of that 2012 stuff is really gonna happen.

6. Verne Lundquist never asks me how I handle the spotlight.

5. I keep offering to do charity work in the Philippines, but there's never a celebrity pro-am that fits my schedule.

4. He still hasn't friended me on Facebook.

3. Those Tim Tebow pajamas I ordered online are itchier than a hamper full of skittish kittens.

2. He's a combined 4-0 in SEC and BCS title games; I'm 1-3 against Clemson.

1. He's no Jevan Snead.

For a real break down of today's game, head over to the Bull Gator.

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