Monday, November 23, 2009

Tebow and Ingram, a comparison

Both the Gators and Bama played patsies this weekend, but what is interesting is the stats by both Tebow and Ingram. Below are the stats in the Florida -FIU and Alabama - Chattanooga games.

Tebow and Ingram Rushing:

Florida Rushing
T. Tebow710214.6155

Alabama Rushing
M. Ingram111029.3240

Tebow Passing

Florida Passing
T. Tebow17/252158.620

Tebow and Ingram had the same amount of rushing yards, and of course Ingram had no passing yards. Ingram did not play a full half where Tebow played for the first half and then a drive in the third quarter.

What is even more interesting is Tebow and Ingram's overall season rushing stats are very close. Even though Tebow isn't having the season he had in 2007 and 2008, but Tebow is having a better year than Ingram is this year.

And if you compare Florida and Alabama's rushing and receiving stats, Florida is ahead as well.

And for Joseph Goodman's comparison of Tebow and Ingram, click here.

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