Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tebow, fans and the media

Did Tebow make Fowler smile? We've noticed that Fowler rarely seems to smile (behind Forde), where Pat Forde can't help himself (on the right, both in white) while in the presence of Tebow.

With Tim Tebow playing his last FSU game on Saturday, Gator Nation is trying to savor the moments this week. After Tuesday's practice, numerous fans scurried behind him asking for autographs of various football items. Tebow obliged every time and stopped to shake every hand. Hoards of people just don't seem to faze him.

As I was walking to post-practice interviews, I jokingly asked him if he'd sign my digital recorder. Tebow said sure, as long as I don't sell it on Ebay.

Just a little anecdote for the morning. Anyway, in the spirit of rivalry week, here's a glimpse into how he's torched the Seminoles in past two years after a quiet 2006 campaign.

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