Friday, November 27, 2009

Tebow's Balancing Act

Peter Kerasotis has a long and interesting piece on the "balancing act" that Tebow has managed while at UF. What is particularly interesting about it is that shows a variety of the "perils" that Tebow and his family have successfully avoided, but also how the pressure has weighed on them as well. Excerpt below, but the whole piece is worth a read.

“I do worry,” he admits. “But then I simply have to think about it for a minute. I mean, you have to worry because it’s that big. But I’ve never seen a guy handle it like Tim does. He does all the right things for all the right reasons.”

UF offensive coordinator Steve Addazio says people can still forget that Tebow is human.

“It’s hard for him to have a normal college existence,’’ he says. “Everything is magnified. You do worry for him. Tim’s the type of guy who wants to please everybody, and people like that tend to carry the weight of the world. To say there’s not pressure and stress ... well, there is.”

That pressure and stress surfaced just hours before last January’s National Championship Game in Miami. UF wide receiver David Nelson got a text message from Tebow, asking him to come to his hotel room.

“When I got there, Tim was pale,” Nelson says. “I thought he was sick. He had the team chaplain there and about five teammates.”

Nelson says he felt privileged to be one of those few teammates Tebow summoned.

“He was feeling nervous, and he wanted us with him,” Nelson says. “He told us he was feeling a lot of pressure, that he felt the whole world was on him, that if we lost, Gator Nation was going to be mad at him.”

Tebow shared with them a Bible scripture. Then they prayed.

“That’s when I saw the color return to his face,” Nelson says.

Hours later, Florida beat Oklahoma, 24-14, with Tebow named the game’s Offensive MVP.

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