Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tebow's legacy

Chris Low and CBS' Tony Barnhart each have excellent pieces on "Tebow's Legacy". Excerpts are posted below, and each are worth a read.

Chris Low's: Tebow's Legacy is simple: He's a winner.

To me, in a nutshell, that is Tebow’s legacy.

The 54 touchdowns are impressive, as are all of his records.

His missionary work off the field and his commitment to bettering the lives of others has certainly helped him transcend sports.

His rock star status, the catchy “Superman” nickname and his almost mythical persona have taken him to heights that few college players ever attain.

But in my book, what sets him apart is the way he’s won, the way he’s inspired his teammates to win and the way he’s managed to keep winning despite being one of the most visible targets college football has seen in a long time.

Tebow’s Gators have won 21 straight games and counting. He already owns two national championship rings and is seeking a third. And despite 653 career rushing attempts, not to mention a concussion, he’s never missed a start.

Bill Parcells used to always say that you are what your record says you are.

Tebow’s record says that he’s a winner.

As legacies go, I can’t imagine a better one.

Tony Barnhart:

I became convinced that Tebow is one of the greatest players in college football history with his performance in the 2008 SEC Championship Game against No. 1 Alabama. Before the game, a couple of Alabama defensive coaches gave me some insight as to what they had planned for Tebow. "We're going to show him some things he hasn't seen and it will probably confuse him for a while," one coach told me. "The only question is how long it will take him to figure it out." ...

"I don't want to hear that the son of a [bleep] can't throw," an Alabama coach told me later. "Every time he needed to make a big throw against us, he made it. There really isn't anyone else like him."

"I wouldn't bet against No. 15 [Tebow]," Florida defensive coordinator Charlie Strong told me not long ago. "If he is on the field you have a good chance to win. Our guys know it and the guys on the other sideline know it. I'm glad he's on our side."

Now some say that Tebow is the Tyler Hansbrough of college football -- a guy who was the very best in college but whose skill set doesn't translate to the pros. That may eventually turn out to be true, but I ask you: Given everything we have seen the past four years, are you going to bet against this guy?

All I know is that Tim Tebow has three games left as a college football player. And there may come a day when we call him the greatest player of all. So just enjoy it.

We agree with each piece overall, but disagree with Low's comparison to Peyton Manning. Manning never beat the Gators. Tennessee suffered their worst school loss and worst loss at home to the Gators with Peyton at the helm and won no championships. Manning did not inspire the sort of "dread" that Low claims he did. How quickly they forget. Manning also lost the Heisman to a defensive player, the only QB to do so. Manning became an excellent pro QB, but when it comes to college football, Tebow stands alone.

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