Monday, November 9, 2009

Tim Tebow Sportsman of the Year?

SI's Austin Murphy nominates Tebow as Sportsman of the Year, not for his performance on the field, but as an Eye Black Challenger:

This nomination is pegged less to his production on the field than to his actions away from it. With an easy smile and a remarkably tireless, selfless example, Tebow has demonstrated to a generation of football fans that it's cool to be kind. The many virtuous acts of this son of Christian missionaries having been cited almost as frequently as the fact that, yes, he is saving himself for marriage, I will distill them here: He's made annual visits to the Philippines, where he was born, and where he works in his father's ministry, which has started thousands of churches and opened an orphanage. He's spent countless hours visiting prisons, schools, hospitals and at least one leper colony.
Photo: Gainesville Sun

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