Friday, November 20, 2009

Wear Eye Black for the FSU Game (and FIU too!)

Tracey McInnis of the Calling All Gators - A Gift for Tim Tebow Facebook group has issued the following request:

Gator fans, we have had the amazing privilege of watching THE greatest college football player EVER, play for four years. On January 11th, 2009, Tim Tebow gave us the gift of one more year. The biggest reason he came back was because college football provided him a platform to share his message. We, as Gator fans, have an unbelievable opportunity to give Tim Tebow an experience he will never forget. My suggestion is that for Timmy's last game in The Swamp, the Florida - Florida State game, all Gators wear the under-eye black with a scripture. Every time Tim looks into the stands, or a camera focuses in on a Gator fan, the world will see the love and support we Gators have for our special quarterback. Share this message with every Gator you know, and let's make the UF-FSU game a day that he will never forget.

If you won't be attending the game, and want to send us a photo of yourselves wearing eye black, we'll post them all here on the Saturday of the FSU game.

Gator Sports has a similar story here. Check it out.

Photo: Doug Finger/The Gainesville Sun

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