Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wear Eye Black for the FSU Game

Even ESPN has joined the cause:

There could be a blackout at Florida Field on Saturday.

An eye blackout that is.

Florida fans are urging everyone to wear eye black Saturday -- with or without inscribed bible verses -- in honor of quarterback Tim Tebow's final home game.

It's a fitting tribute to a player who wants to be remembered more for what he accomplishes off the field than on it.


"I think it's great," coach Urban Meyer said. "I've got three children. I don't mind when my daughter, my middle daughter Gigi, texts me every time what he's wearing. She looks up the verse and texts it to me. I think that's pretty cool."


"It's just kind of what's in my heart or what I think would be a good verse or appropriate," Tebow said. "I'll talk to my family and friends about it. I always try to get people's opinions on things, too. But it's really just what I'm feeling in my heart or a good verse or something that's appropriate or appropriate with what I'm going through. What I feel in my heart is the biggest thing."

Full story here.

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