Friday, November 13, 2009

Where only Gators get out alive

We have to admit that we are torn over whether we even care about the Heisman this year, and in particular if Tim Tebow is ultimately considered for it. It would be great to see Tim win a second Heisman, but seeing him get the most first place votes last year, but then not win because he was intentionally left of the ballot by mysterious Heisman voters, just reinforced our dislike of "beauty contests".

Heaped on top of this skepticism is the simple fact that this has been one of the weirdest college football seasons that we, and alot of older and wiser people, can remember. Somehow the Heisman holds little interest overall as a result.

Essentially this season has come down to one thing for us as long time Gators ... we'd like to see an undefeated season. It hasn't been pretty, and most likely won't get pretty, and we don't really care. A win's a win, and no one votes on that, and as much as they may whine, they can't take your crown away so long as you've got more points when the clock hits 00:00.

So here's to the final five games, and our "new" philosophy: If there are Gators present, then it must be a Swamp. And if it's a Swamp, then only Gators get out alive. If that's how the Gators have to play to close out on an undefeated season, then we are just fine with that.

And as that happens, hopefully it will not only apply to the remaining games, but also for Timmy should he go back up to the Big Apple.

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