Friday, December 4, 2009

Big Brother is watching

Pete Thamel has another good piece on Tebow, this time though, it's on Peter Tebow.

Peter Tebow knew early on that things would change during his first year at the University of Florida. ...

“How do you foresee your brother turning into a cult hero?” Peter Tebow said over dinner Monday night. “I don’t think there’s any way you could forecast that type of fame and notoriety.”

As Tim Tebow, 22, has won two national championships, a Heisman Trophy and perhaps more renown than any other recent college athlete, Peter Tebow, 25, has been by his side on campus as a support system.

Whether it is giving Tim a ride in a pinch, grabbing his dry cleaning to help avoid a mob of autograph seekers or living up to his family nickname, Help Desk, by setting up his Internet service, Peter Tebow has been there.

“He lets me be stupid, be my brother,” Tim Tebow said. “He gives me a hard time and after a tough day is a support system and lets me take my mind off of it.”

It is easy to recognize Peter; he has the smile, facial expressions and physical features of Tim. But Peter Tebow is about 5 feet 10 and 185 pounds, four inches shorter and 60 pounds lighter than his “little” brother.

“God makes us all differently, right?” Peter Tebow said with a smile.

Best quote: “[Peter] always knew where the ball was, and he was always there,” their mother, Pam Tebow, said. “Timmy had no clue where the ball was.”

Full Story here.

Photo: Jason Parkhurst

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