Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Eye Black Challenger - Tom Bridges

As we lead up to the SEC championship game against Alabama, we'd like to feature a prison ministry in Montgomery, Alabama.

Dear Tebow Eye Black Challengers,

Since September 1992 Our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ has been touching hearts of those behind prison bars in the Montgomery County Detention Facility( M C D F ) and the city and federal jails in Montgomery, Alabama. As one of the members of the board of Let God Arise Ministries Inc. once said,"Brother Tom this is the best kept secret in town."

We have witnessed over 19,342 men & women inmates invite Jesus Christ into their hearts. The Lord has raised up a team of dedicated men & women volunteers who are committed to preaching, teaching and reaching lost souls with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Let God Arise Ministries is a non-denominational local outreach mission with the emphasis of evangelism and discipleship through God’s Holy Word.

We minister to inmates from all Christian denominations, and have reached out to inmates of other religions too, with God’s unconditional agape love through His Son Jesus Christ. All with the purpose of obeying Jesus command to go into the whole world and spread His message of repentance and forgiveness of sins through the shedding of His blood on Calvary’s Cross.

America took a spiritual & moral downturn in 1963 when the highest court of the United States of America decided to eliminate prayer and bibles from public schools. As one inmate said, "Brother Tom isn’t it ironic that our society takes our bibles away when we begin our first day of school and then gives our bibles back when we come to prison."

One day myself and another volunteer were asked to minister to one of the inmates locked down in a suicidal cell. We took this inmate to the chapel and began to tell him of God's love for him through His son Jesus Christ. We also shared with him that the Lord had a wonderful plan for him and that his life was not over. After sharing God's unconditional love with him we prayed with him to receive Jesus Christ into his heart. This inmate was sentenced to a 100 year prison term.

He wrote us a letter from the Department of Corrections prison thanking us for telling him about Jesus Christ. He said that he had just finished a 16 week evangelism explosion class and was asked to lead the next class. He said in his letter that he had shared Jesus with the warden of the corrections facility, all the regular officers on staff and every time they placed another inmate in his cell he would lead that inmate to Jesus Christ. He said, "Brother Tom they still do not understand how I can walk around the prison yard with a 100 year prison sentence with my bible under my arm and a big smile upon my face."

Another day as I was having lunch with a friend who retired after sitting on the bench as a circuit court judge for over 20 years, we were approached by a respected political leader in our state. The person asked when learning of my position as Chaplain,"what difference do you think you can make with all these prisoners?" Our society needs to lock them up and throw away the key."

As I was pondering how to respond to such an introduction my friend the judge spoke up and said,"Sir for over 20 years of sitting on the bench I saw many people pass through my courtroom. I learned that if a person has lust in their heart under certain circumstances that person could commit rape, if they have greed then they will steal and when a person gets angry enough that person could commit murder. I do not know of any one else but Jesus Christ who can change a heart from within. Do You?"

The gentleman dropped his head and responded, "We have all learned that since we were children in Sunday school". I am in absolute agreement with the judge there is no one else who can change a sinner’s heart from within except Jesus Christ. Do You?

Please take the eye black challenge. God has placed this talented Christian athlete on the national scene to challenge us all that through Jesus Christ that we can truly do all things because the Lord has given us His strength. Thanks Tim for your Christlike example and example to do God's will through us all.

If you want to know more about Let God Arise Prison Ministry, which is a volunteer organization relying on donations, please click here.

Their facebook page is here.

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