Monday, December 7, 2009

Gov. Crist further endorses Tebow

Governor Crist first recommended that Tebow enter politics, and now he's politicking that the Jags draft Tebow.

Gov. Crist also saw the video of Tebow crying at the end of the SEC game, and when asked if he saw it responded with this:

"I did. I did," Crist said. 'I certainly can understand it. He's put his heart and soul into another great season for the University of Florida, and how can you not have that kind of passion when you've put so much effort into it? I think he's a great Floridian, and he's much more of a great human being than he is a quarterback, in my humble opinion."

The Gov clearly has a man-crush, and while we do too, we'd rather Tebow avoid both politics and the failing Jags.

hat tip: Ben Volin

Photo: AP

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