Monday, December 28, 2009

"Typical Tim" Great Moment - 10 The Chosen One

We'll be winding down Tebow's final week as a Gator by posting our favorite top 10 "Typical Tim" moments which will be what we consider to be a mix of Tebow's finest moments on and off the field. Our reasoning is that they go hand in hand. Tebow came to national prominence because of his impressive style of play, strength, and victories, but became a pop cultural figure because of his charity work and example off the field. Instead of recounting only his game highlights, we'd like to review the broader impact he has had as both a player and an individual.

No. 10 The Chosen One

Re-watching the Chosen One documentary it is striking how little Tim Tebow has changed as an individual despite the nearly unprecedented college career that he has both achieved and endured. It is also clear how much he has matured - from a soft spoken teenager into a confident man. Below is a list of attributes that were already recognizable in the Chosen One, which have endured until the present:

-his "toughness" as a player
-playing with injuries
-being grounded despite all the attention
-getting the crowd fired up
-being inconsolable after a loss
-all the bracelets
-the mission trip to the Philippines
-rallying his team with "it's our last year!"
-and even being shirtless

And if you want to watch the complete Chosen One documentary:

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