Friday, December 4, 2009

Live Tweeting SEC CG Presser

PeteThamelNYT Urban smiles big and no comments a question about Lane Kiffin's assertion that Alabama has the coaching edge.

osgators when asked about #kiffin saying Alabama has coaching advantage - Urban Meyer says "no comment"

Urban from SEC press conference: "The strength of the SEC I think right now in this era is unparalleled."

PeteThamelNYT Meyer on McElroy: He's "playing the best football of the season."

PeteThamelNYT Meyer on Bama and QB difference: "I don’t see a whole lot of difference at this point than the team we saw last year."

PeteThamelNYT I'm enjoying Urban's usage of the word "checkers" to refer to his players. "What kind of checkers do you got?"

PeteThamelNYT Meyer said he talked with Strong about jobs this week. Nothing formal will happen until after the S.E.C. game.

PeteThamelNYT Meyer on Dunlap: "He is devastated." and "Its not an indictment on who he is for the rest of his life."

osgators Dunlap told Meyer he "just didn't want to hurt his teammates"

GatorBenPBP Urban Meyer on his team responding to the Dunlap suspension this week: "Very pleased with our practice and our ability to focus this week"


PeteThamelNYT Saban on SEC title game: "This is a little bit like a title fight."

OSaadelson Saban on Mark Ingram: "Mark is fine and practiced well and we think he’s ready to go. "

OSaadelson saban on mind-set after '08 L to #Gators: We didn’t brood over this game because we had a lot of other challenges between then and now."

OSaadelson saban is fired up . asked about his expectations for t. richardson he snapped, "You all create the expectations for the players, we don’t."

OSaadelson saban on mark ingram: "He’s one of the best players in the country."

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