Tuesday, December 8, 2009

More Tim Tebow Crying Reax

Incredible man. Passionate. Winner, even when he looses. "Wild at Heart", a man's man, and God's man. Thank you Tim Tebow, for four incredible years, like me or my family have never seen the likes of. May God continue to pour His Blessings on you and yours. And be man enough to leave your heart on the field. Some of us, CAN handle that.


After everything is said and done, people who hate -hate
and people who encourage- encourage.
I truly enjoyed your grandmothers wisdom "that anything worth celebrating, it is also worth crying over."

If that is Tebow's legacy in the eyes of his enemies that he cried at the end of his season- then so be it.

They didn't find an emotion of rage or anger. No words of self pity or victimization. No passing the blame or loss of accountability . Not even malice or jealousy to the opposing team.

Just raw deep emotion pouring out a years worth of pressure , intense effort, and personal disappointment.

OOhhhh.... is that really all they got on him? I live smack dab in the middle of Bama country and they always want something on him.

Anyone who is idolized is only one mistake a way from being publically decapatated. Tim Tebow crying --this is the best they got? Let 'em run with it after all it's not much to work with.



And here's a few new Facebook groups:

I saw Tim Tebow cry & I love him even more.

a legend named tim tebow

We love you Tebow, thanks for the memories.

and especially check out the fan outpouring on this one:

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