Thursday, December 3, 2009

Nick Saban's wife thought Meyer had the right stuff

Ben Volin has an interesting story regarding Nick Saban, and phone conversation between Saban's wife Terry and a young Urban Meyer.

The year was 1990. Nick Saban was a ripe 38 years old, about to begin his first season as a head coach, at Toledo.

Like all new head coaches, he received hundreds of phone calls from people wanting to be a part of his staff. Monday, Saban said he vividly remembers one person who called his home — Urban Meyer, then 26 years old, with four years of coaching under his belt — two as a grad assistant at Ohio State, and two at Illinois State.

Saban didn’t talk to Meyer, but Saban’s wife, Terry, did. And apparently, a 5-minute conversation was all it took to convince her that Meyer would be a successful coach.

Full story here.

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