Friday, December 4, 2009

Not too late

Dave Milller, of the National Football Post, was an avowed Tebow hater, but you know what? Love conquers all.

I was never a Tim Tebow fan.

From the first time I saw him play during his freshman year, relieving Florida quarterback Chris Leak and being “the change of pace” for the offense in goal-line packages, he just irked me.

Four years later, I’ve become a little less irked. ...

So I’m naturally rooting for the boys from Tuscaloosa to send Tebow a crushing late-season defeat to blemish his stellar college career, right?

Dead wrong.

I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I’m going to miss you, Tim Tebow.

I’m going to miss watching you carry your team on your back and lower your shoulder to gain the tough yards.

I’ll miss the cheerleading on the sideline during garbage time while your team is rolling to a 62-3 season-opening victory.

I’ll miss the national praise, the camera panning to your parents every five minutes in the stands and the bromance you have with Urban Meyer.

I’ll miss it because you’ve epitomized what college football should be about every Saturday. I consider myself a bit of a pessimist by nature, but I honestly don’t doubt that your sentiments are genuine when discussing your time at Florida, your family or your spirituality.

Maybe my epiphany occurred when I saw Tebow get knocked out by Kentucky defensive end Taylor Wyndham, but I'm now a devout follower of Tebow Nation.

You may get sick of his signature “God bless” salute to conclude interviews, or you may be tired of seeing networks replay his postgame declaration after the Ole Miss loss last season. You may even want to see him suffer just for being seen with ridiculously good-looking women at college parties. But the fact remains, there really won’t be another Tim Tebow for a long long time, if ever.

Even though it took me three-plus years to realize it, I’m glad it’s not too late.

Full story here, and it's worth a read.

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