Monday, December 14, 2009

Quote of the Day: Yes, Tebow said friggin’

It is funny that a story entitled "Tebow lays prayerful hands on this year’s Heisman race " ends with the sentence, "Yes, Tebow said friggin'."

Best part of the piece:
The Florida quarterback asked Ingram, the talented ‘Bama running back, if he wanted to pray for tranquility. Ingram can say Amen after becoming Alabama’s first Heisman winner in the closest race in the award’s 75-year history.
“We went in a quiet room and just prayed for peace for him, that all the nerves would die down and he would be able to enjoy the moment,” Tebow said.

And Tebow's saying "friggin'" should be no surprise ... he said it back in high school too (check the Chosen One video).

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