Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Rumors fly that Tebow-to-Jags is a done deal

If this is true, and Tebow goes home to Jacksonville, we'd like to go ahead and get on the record and suggest a few marketing ideas, because otherwise we'd like to see Tim go to a more viable and competitive team despite possibly enjoying seeing him play in person next fall. And we would love to extend our Tebow/Gator football weekend one more day.

1. Uncover the empty seats and "donate" the seats to underprivileged kids and their families and set up a meet and greet with Tim after each game.

2. Since Tim has called fans his "congregation," and if the Jags draft him and don't let him play or build a team around him, then let him speak after each game to the fans, Joel Osteen - style. If Osteen can fill a sports arena (Yankee Stadium and his church bldg), and you want Tim to fill yours, let Tim be both.

3. Set up the "Silver Bullet Express" bus service for Gators in Gainesville. If you want people to come see Tebow play, set up a reliable means of traveling through Waldo and Starke to Jacksonville from Gainesville. Otherwise, don't kid yourselves, we're only bothering with Jacksonville traffic, parking, and speed traps for the Fla - Ga game. And don't gouge us, run it at a fraction over cost. Make it worth our while, and yours.

4. Set up a Jag walk.

Seriously, if you draft Tebow to save the franchise, spend the money to let him be successful on the field. Let Tim be Tim on the field, he'll be Tim off it too.

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