Saturday, December 5, 2009

'This Kid Gave His Heart to Us'

ABC has a good piece on how fans have been inspired by and reacted to Tebow's influence:

"When I watch him on the television and see how he motivates his teammates, it definitely inspires me to go out and do something with my life," Klutcharch said. "If he can do it and be scrutinized by the public so much, why can't I just be myself?" ...

Ralph Shaw, 22, a sports management senior, said he wanted to cry when he saw Tebow take one of his last ceremonial walks to the stadium before playing Charleston Southern, the first home game of the season.

"I got choked up," he said. "It was weird."

Shaw tries to emulate Tebow by going "above and beyond the normal call of duty" at his customer service internship at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, the Gators' stadium. He offers to take pictures of families, walk elderly women to their seats -- little things like that to make fans' days better.

Casey Goldstein, 19, a journalism sophomore, said she feels that Florida will be fine next year because it's not a "one-man team." What the team will lack, she said, is Tebow's strong leadership.

Shaw thinks the undergrads will miss out on more than that.

"They're going to miss out on the emotion," he said. "Everything that comes with the emotion, just the fight and the pride."

He has learned much as a spectator to "the Tim Tebow way of living."

It will stay with him, even as No. 15 moves on.

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