Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tim Tebow, the Sartorialist

Tim Tebow has been invited to his third Heisman Award Ceremony, setting another college record.

So, of course, the conversation on Twitter immediately turned to Tebow's choice of suit. Below is a glimpse at our conversation:

@neicyt98 Dear Tim Tebow, please let's try to wear a less shiny suit to the Heisman ceremony. I don't like wearing shades while watching HD. Thanks

@TheBullGator No, no, no. The Tebow suits are classic!

@tebowseyeblack We agree, no more shiny suits! Borrow Spikes pink suit! @TheBullGator @neicyt98

bertisagirl @tebowseyeblack Spikes' pink suit is one of the best fashion choices ever.

neicyt98 Tim can rock a nice black on black. If he shows up in a pink shiny suit, I'm blaming you two @tebowseyeblack @TheBullGator

@neicyt98 @TheBullGator As long as it's not all white, like the SECCG, I think we'll all be okay. Pink would be awesome or Haden's argyle!

The pin stripe would be a good choice, or even black on black with the coat in velvet a la Tom Brady. But it would be soooo sweet if he wore Spikes' pink suit. You know it would be.

(And how great is the pilot hanging out the window getting a pic of the Gators over Spikes' shoulder?)

Tim, take Joe Haden shopping with you. Just say "no" to the earrings.

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