Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tim Tebow: You can keep that nut

We, like alot of fans, didn't and maybe still don't get that Tebow is "polarizing." We linked to the Tebow Crying page yesterday morning to try and illustrate that point. But by late afternoon the comments on the site had devolved into something we won't try and describe here. So we apologize for that, we know alot of you come to this site because you consider it family friendly, and we do try and honor that.

So here's a story which illustrates that point again, but in not such explicit language. And unsurprisingly its from a surly Pittsburgh fan. Hey Buddy, we'll happily keep our "nut" and the warm weather.

I’m very glad this day has come. I’ve been waiting for three college football seasons: a National Championship game without Tim Tebow.

There is a list of people in sports that I simply dislike — nay, hate — and it goes a little something like this: Paul Pierce, Mark Teixiera, Roger Federer and Tebow. And the list goes on, really. I have these prejudices, though, for two reasons: a player is on a rival team of one of my favorite teams or the athlete simply represents something I find annoying — they irk me, tick me off and really just stand for something that I am opposed to.

Tebow falls in the latter category. The guy takes himself too seriously. Where people see passion and competitive qualities, I see self-aggrandizing and pomposity. Where people see sincerity, I see triteness. Where people see a warrior, I see a lunatic.

I know that he is a virtual god in Florida and rightly so. The one thing I’ll give Tebow is that he’s a winner. And when you win, people like you. I respect him for that because it would be foolish not to, but something I’ve never understood is why so many people nationwide hail a guy who repeatedly shows himself to be far less than people perceive him to be.

The epitome of the fervor came last year, during the 2008 season, after the Gators’ loss to Ole Miss. At a press conference following the game, Tebow delivered a speech that has since been dubbed “The Promise.” You might have heard it before. If not, there are ample clips of it on YouTube. Tebow delivers platitudes like, “You will never see another player in the entire country play harder than I will the rest of the season,” and, “You will never see someone push the rest of the team as hard as I will.” He closed the speech with the obligatory, “God bless.” That speech is now inscribed on a plaque outside Florida’s football stadium.

Excuse me while I go puke. I guess he got away with it because his team ultimately won the championship that year, but when I think of speeches that need to be immortalized, I’m not thinking clich├ęs. I’m not thinking compulsory drivel. I’m thinking Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy and Nelson Mandela. I’m thinking Lou Gehrig.

So when Florida fell to Alabama this past weekend, I was happy. I can always appreciate a good winner, but I can’t stand insipid characters like Tebow. If you like him, good for you. You can keep that nut.

Photo: This is a fan photo sent to us. We like to think that this would be Tim's expression if confronted by this guy.

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