Wednesday, December 30, 2009

"Typical Tim" Great Moment - 5 The Chomp

No. 5 - The Chomp

You can easily argue with us that this wasn't a "typical" Tebow moment because it was, after all, his first and only unsportsmanlike penalty. But the fierce competitor is "typical" of Tebow, as well as his display of emotion.

The aggressive, competitive nature of Tebow is often overlooked by many Christian admirers, especially women, but it is what gives Tebow credibility with many men, especially the prisoners that Tebow visits. Without the fiercely competitive nature, and the will to dominate on the field, Tebow would not have the national platform that he cherishes.

The Chomp, which Tebow later described as "letting the Gator speak" for him was also intensely human in its emotion, which made the unattainable "Superman" image of Tebow diminish, or even disappear for a moment. It made him more real and accessible to football fans of all ilks.

The bookend to the Chomp was of course Tebow's tears in the SECCG. Whether in victory or in defeat, Tebow is an open book, and that is what we label "Typical Tim" and we salute him for it.

What we also find "typical" of Tim, and not others, is that he was later embarrassed by the Chomp (watch his reaction in the video below), but is unapologetic and unembarrassed by his tears.

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