Monday, December 28, 2009

Urban Meyer's press conference

Tebow on Meyer's decision to take a leave of absence:

Then after practice we had a team meeting, and he told us. A lot of the guys on the team were crying and upset, but for the most part, I think everybody wanted what was best for Coach Meyer. You know, we look at our team as like a family, and we just wanted what was best for our dad, and that's Coach Meyer, and we want him to do what's best for him. We want him to get himself right, and when he's right, then come back to coaching, then get back into ball.

But I'm so proud of him because of the decision that he's chosen to made. I don't think most coaches would have the guts to make it, to give up everything for his family and his faith and to get himself right. I admire that about him and I admire him for the decisions that he's made.

As a team we support him. As Gator Nation I think we support him, and I think he's making the best decision for him and his family, and I'm extremely proud of him for it.

Transcript of the full press conference here.

Photo: Chris Graythen/Getty Images

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