Friday, December 4, 2009

Winning. How important is it?

Dan Shanoff, known to us as the TimTeblogger, has a great piece on what this game means to Tebow's "legacy." This game does seem all or nothing in some ways. Below's an excerpt, but check out the whole piece!

Why did Tim Tebow come back to Florida for his senior year? A leading theory: Google juice. A quick track of the trending searches on Google after Saturday's win over Florida State showed "Hebrews 12:1-2" -- Tebow's eye-black for his Swamp finale -- at the very top. Tebow, his mom and Urban Meyer have all affirmed that this kind of indirect missionary influence is important to him. Consider too the spontaneous fan tribute at The Swamp, where thousands donned eye-black and set off a Super Bowl-worthy array of camera flashes as Tebow took the Gators to the end zone on his final series. What college senior wouldn't want to come back to take one class and bask in such adulation?

Those theories have a lot of merit, but now that the regular season -- despite its ups and downs on offense, ultimately a veritable victory lap -- is behind us, it's time to put away the eye-black and tuck away the memories of the farewell pep rally, because we've arrived at the other leading reason Tebow returned: To win.

To win another SEC championship. To win another national championship. To lead Florida to its first perfect season, at the heart of Tebow's disappointment last season after the Ole Miss loss that inspired "The Promise." That's it: Winning. Tebow's superlative legacy in college football history is secure, but how he finishes -- starting with Saturday's game against Alabama -- will define him as either, in Stephen Colbert's framework: Great... or greatest ever? ...

Tebow has gone further to transcend the notion of "college football star" than any player in the history of the sport. But that doesn't mean he won't be ultimately judged by fans and by history by what happens on the field Saturday. Short of a championship, the season is a failure.

We agree he came back to win, but we also like to think the eye black was important too.

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