Sunday, January 31, 2010

Eye Black Challenger - BethAnne Beers

I was called to be a Missionary at the age of eleven. I remember walking up the aisle at my church, not remembering even getting up, and found myself staring at the cross telling God I would go wherever he would send me. Then life happened. I grew up, went to High school, then college, and worked two jobs and almost made one of those jobs my career. I struggled with this plan God had for me, and wanted to make my own plans. While I was making my own choices and decisions, God was working on me, preparing me for this adventure he had in store. I was never settled, and started giving everything to the Lord. It fascinates me how when you give everything to God, you feel like your giving it all away, and that things are just going to all the sudden spin out of control, and fall apart, when in reality, its the complete opposite. Things start to come together. God reveals his plan, and in this, you feel a peace, and have more of an understanding as to why things happen the way they do.

In the spring of 2009, my Father (a Pastor) had received an email from an organization called Extreme Nazarene Missions. They were looking for Missionaries that were willing to give up two years of normalcy, move to South America, and serve the Lord. I prayed and prayed asking God if this is the direction he wanted me to take. I told him, “If this is what you want me to do Lord, please open all the doors.” It was the next day that the first door opened. I got an email right away regarding my application and had an interview set up with the committee. After a couple hours of interviews and the giving of my testimony, the committee voted, unanimous. I was on my way to Peru! It was before I started the actual fundraising that I had to put all my faith in the Lord. I needed $18,000 in 7 months. My Father being a realist struggled with the idea of raising such a large amount of money in that amount of time. I told him, “If God wants me to go to Peru, he will provide the funds.” I gave this too, to the Lord. And once again, he opened a door. With the faithfulness of my church, all funds and then some were raised in one day. I had other obstacles, the biggest one selling my car. Two months before I was to leave for Peru, I got into a major car accident. God not only saved my life that day, but also provided a way for my car to no longer be a burden. It amazes me the way God works. I have always known that God answers prayer, but these past six months, I have seen this actually happen to me, and it has renewed my Faith in the Lord.

In three days I will be boarding a plane, and heading to Peru to start planting churches, show the Jesus Film to thousands, and to help spread the word of God to a people that are so in need. God has blessed me with so much, and I feel as a Christian, it is not only my job to share these blessings, but to also spread the good news to the lost. It’s all of our responsibility as Christians to live a life as Christ did, and to put others before ourselves. I have no idea why the creator of the universe has such compassion and forgiveness for me. I have grown up a lot this past year. I realize what’s most important in life, and why we are on this earth. It is in my Savior that I am whole, and complete. Through Jesus, I have life. And without him, I am nothing. You don't have to hop on a plane and go to another country to be an influence, and help preach God's everlasting word. I have had so many people tell me after they find out where I am going with Extreme, "Man, I wish I could do something like that. I'm just so busy..I'm too old...I have no money." It’s never too late to be used by God. And he WILL provide a way. He is faithful in his promises. If anything, I am proof of this.

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