Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fading to Black

USA's Faith&Reason section has a piece on the upcoming Tebow ad and makes the point that the NFL is not likely to allow Tebow to write on his eye black and ads might be the next step in his public advocacy.

Fading to black on Tebow's eyeblack won't be a judgment on the Bible, however. It's just the rules.

The NFL controls every aspect of players' appearance on the field from sock to sweatbands. NFL spokesman Greg Aiello says,

Personal messages of any type cannot be displayed by players during our games.

Maybe, however, Tebow's advocacy career is just taking off. Aiello confirms that a player "can appear in such ads as an individual expressing his views. Use of team marks or logos, however, would require separate approval."

Which would you prefer? Game eye black or more Tebow ads? Or neither?