Tuesday, January 26, 2010

First day jitters?

Ben Volin has the scoop:

“I don’t think he was at his best today, but I think he was OK,” said Marc Trestman, a longtime NFL and college quarterbacks coach who worked with Tebow for a few days in Miami before coming to the Senior Bowl. “I’ve seen him throw the ball better. But you look at all of these kids today, they’re playing in a new system of football, there’s a lot of thinking going on, especially at the quarterback position. I don’t think he hurt himself.”

Tebow admitted after practice he was a bit “frustrated” to fumble multiple times on the center-quarterback exchange, but said he won’t let it get him down.

“It’s obviously all new guys out here, throwing to new receivers, getting snaps from new centers, so it’s a lot to get adjusted to,” said Tebow, who weighed in at 236 pounds Monday morning, nine pounds lighter than his Florida playing weight. “But I’ve been pretty used to dealing with a lot of criticism since eighth, ninth grade, so I can handle it.”

Full story here. Jeremy Fowler has more here.

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