Thursday, January 14, 2010

Gator Nation affected by Haiti Earthquake

Joseph Goodman has the story:

GAINESVILLE -- The Gators' incredible recruiting class, Urban Meyer's return, Dustin Doe: everything that seemed important earlier today is now trivial for Gator Nation after the incomprehensible loss of life in Haiti.

Please keep Gators' cornerback Wondy Pierre-Louis of Haiti and his family in your thoughts and prayers today. The Pierre-Louis family suffered tragic losses during the earthquake in Port-au-Prince. Two UF journalism students are also missing.

Information will be passed along as it becomes available. Red Cross Haiti Relief Fund.

UPDATE: Two journalism students have been found safe!

UPDATE: Pierre-Louis' parents have been found safe, but their home has been destroyed. Also, one of Pierre-Louis' cousins was killed in a building collapse.

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