Monday, January 25, 2010

Live Tweeting: Senior Bowl practice

osgators Weird seeing Tebow in yellow and blue warmups. Couple of #15 jerseys in stands

osgators #Tebow's footwork looks good in warmups; not much velocity on throws, but it's early

GatorBenPBP Tebow's mixing some excellent throws in with a few poor ones

osgators NFL scouts have taken over this town. My hotel is emblazoned with 49ers sweatshirts

draftbreakdown Lots of intensity from dolphins coaching staff.

draftbreakdown Tebow was just taking snaps in te pit drills. Fumbled 4 in a row

osgators Riley Cooper looks huge. Might be biggest receiver here.

draftbreakdown Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin at South practice. Watching team drills

osgators If Cooper isn't the biggest, he's definitely got the best hair

osgators Tebow's throws look crisper when drills are live, throwing to a receiver who's cornered.

edsbs Always. It's like god's pasta. RT @osgators: If Cooper isn't the biggest, he's definitely got the best hair

danshanoff Skip next 4 mos of Tebow draft coverage. Volin just summed it. RT @GatorBenPBP Tebow's mixing some excellent throws in with a few poor ones

GatorBenPBP Tebow just fumbled two snaps under center in a row

GatorBenPBP Pictoral evidence of riley cooper
(count the 15 jerseys in the background)

draftbreakdown Tebow checking down in Wr/db drills

draftbreakdown Tebow showing his leadership though. Just reached out to Peek after he dropped a pass

osgators Couple of head coaches so far - Mike Tomlin, Pete Carroll, Mike Singletary. Not many want to talk

GatorBenPBP Tebow went 4 for 6 in 7 on 7 drills with two drops, and got a "great throw!" reaction from David Lee after one pass over the middle

draftbreakdown I just overheard a scout talking about the large crowd here to watch practice. Called it "the tebow factor"

GatorBenPBP Every time i look at Riley Cooper hes getting 1 on 1 coaching from Dolphinc OC Dan Henning

draftbreakdown Since South is at another place, they let the general public come in. That means all NFL staff and media have to stand on the sidelines

draftbreakdown Florida state's dakoda Watson just chased down tebow and shouted "just like old times"

osgators Wonder how much Tebow wants to make a conscience effort to change his motion on first day. Or is it a slow progression?

GatorBenPBP In 11 on 11 drills, Tebow goes 1 for 4 with one wobbler and one pass batted down at line. Seems to still be locking onto Riley Cooper

GatorBenPBP Sorry, Dolphins QB coach, not the former Gator bball player RT @bonjourkatie @GatorBenPBP David Lee?

GatorBenPBP The idol worship doesnt stop in the pros
(who knew Ann Richards was a Tebow fan)

GatorBenPBP Ive only seen 2 RT @ghbhn0607 @gatorbenpbp nfl network just said live that tebow has fumbled 5-6 of first 10 snps from under center

draftbreakdown Just spotted Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome at south practice

RapSheet Love the Senior Bowl: Nick Saban chatting it up with Bob Tebow, Tim's dad

RapSheet Big Senior Bowl news: Tim Tebow says that American Idol finalist is NOT his girlfriend. (There you go ladies. We bring you the important news.)

draftbreakdown Now I'm getting out of here before this crowd riots trying to get a tebow or Alabama player autograph

GatorBenPBP SR Bowl know to be very media-friendly, Dolphins PR is being overly heavy handed, wont let us talk to any coaches other than Sparano.

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