Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Live Tweeting: Senior Bowl practice - Day Two

draftbreakdown Ravens head coach Jim Harbaugh watching south team practice

draftbreakdown Tebow is at practice, BTW. Strep throat and all

osgators Report just surfaced that #Tebow has strep throat this week but will continue to work out this week at Senior Bowl.

danshanoff McShay still doesn't get Tebow defies draftniks http://bit.ly/dnjxvN RT @osgators Tebow will struggle to stay in top-two rounds, McShay said

GatorBenPBP Miss State coach Dan Mullen is in the house today, watching his old protege Tebow

GatorBenPBP More of the same from Tebow so far: some good throws, some bad ones. Jarrett Brown definitely looks the best of the three

draftbreakdown It's my opinion that Riley Cooper is the complete package. Real deal. I think he's going to be moving up draft boards fast

osgators Tebow smiling, throwing around without a helmet, getting ready for full practice. Doesn't appear sick on first glance

GatorBenPBP Tebow completes 4 of 8 passes in receiver/defender drills, with one bad underthrow, 1 perfect deep out and 1 that should have been picked

GatorBenPBP Two females in the stands wont stop shouting "Cmon Tebow!!!"

draftbreakdown Don't expect a lot of good video from the south practice. Senior Bowl has a ton of "guests" here clogging things up. Lots of police too

GatorBenPBP Dexter McCluster just made a sick diving catch on a pretty 50 yd bomb from Tebow

draftbreakdown Another very good tebow to mccluster deep pass

draftbreakdown Amazing diving catch by mccluster on a deep route. Keep an eye on this kid

osgators #Tebow to McCluster for a 40-yarder. Best pass of day. Just missed Cooper

draftbreakdown Another very good tebow to mccluster deep pass

GatorBenPBP And Riley Cooper just topped McCluster with a ridiculous 1 handed catch on a 40 yd pass from Tebow

draftbreakdown Mccluster schooling arenas now. So quick!

GatorBenPBP Tebow's best passes today have definitely been the deep ball, hes showing good touch

osgators Dan Mullen here to support his boys

draftbreakdown Wow. Even in 7-7 drills, Tebow just tucked and ran with the ball

GatorBenPBP Myron Rolle just laid the wood to USF's Nate Wood on a ball over the middle, takes Wood a minute to get up

osgators Rough stretch for Tebow in situational passing - two straight near picks, one a defender blatantly dropped

GatorBenPBP Tebow also has two sure interceptions dropped

GatorBenPBP And there it is, 2:59 p.m.: Tebow's first fumble of the day, in 11 on 11 drills

draftbreakdown Mike Smith, Mike Tomlin and Raheem Morris on the sidelines

osgators #Tebow has been on IVs for the last two days. He's fighting same strep throat that lingered in late September

draftbreakdown Singletary also watching from sidelines

osgators #Tebow had 103.5 fever last night

osgators #Tebow had one drop of an under-center drop today - better than yesterday. Zac Robinson also had drop

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