Saturday, January 16, 2010

More on the possible Super Bowl ad

This time the Sporting News has the follow-up:

This is how Tim Tebow's professional career begins (or, at least, the highly visible part): As part of a Focus on the Family commercial set to air during the Super Bowl. The Denver Post confirms what had been rumored by the Colorado Springs Independent in December, that Tebow and his mother, Pam, will be featured in a spot from the Colorado "media ministry," spotlighting "one of their many personal family-affirming stories."

You know what story that will probably be? Pam Tebow keeping Tim despite a doctor's advice to have an abortion. Our own Dan Shanoff has anticipated and worried about this.

Tim may have strong beliefs about abortion, but his marketing team will steer him from personally being involved in an ad like that. As I have said before, one of Tebow's greatest gifts is that he appeals to people with strong religious values, but he also avoids pushing his values on those who don't want to hear them -- not anywhere near as much as critics insist he does -- and simultaneously presents a strong secular humanist message.

Now, I predict that CBS will ultimately not let the advocacy ad run -- the network maintains that right, and they have made that decision in the past.

CBS could still block the ad. And either the Tebows' portion or the ad in total could have nothing to do with abortion. But it's clear that the Tebows have at least signed on for it, and whatever fallout may come. It will be interesting to see where this goes, for both Tebow as an endorser and Tebow's greater push to use his platform to further his faith.

At least it's not a retread, eh?

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