Friday, January 8, 2010

Sam Bradford and Colt McCoy

Earlier in the season we posted a video of Sam Bradford and Colt McCoy talking about what it means to be "second" in life. And by "second" they mean that they have trusted God with their lives. After both came back for another shot at a championship season and to play in the national championship game, and both were denied by shoulder injuries, each stated that they trusted God had a reason and a plan. Those are very difficult words to say when disappointed, and even more difficult to swallow in the immediate days after.

Critics like to say that Christians don't "thank" God when they lose, but each of these men stated immediately that their trust was and is in God.

We salute both Colt McCoy and Sam Bradford for being good role models, class acts, and good men. It's been a pleasure to watch you both play college football, and we look forward to seeing you in the pros.

Click on the photo below for Bradford and McCoy talking about what it means to be "second."

Click on the photo for the video.

Colt McCoy's post game interview:

Sam Bradford's post game interview after re-injuring his should and stating his trust in God.

Photo: ESPN Illustration

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