Monday, January 18, 2010

Tebow and Draft day

The Jacksonville Business Journal has an interesting piece on Tebow and Draft day festivities, and the highlights are below.

  • Bringing University of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow to New York for April’s NFL draft could spur higher television ratings, but Gil Brandt, who advises the NFL on its invitations, won’t say whether Tebow will be on the list.

  • Sexton, a top agent for NFL players and coaches for 25 years, indicated it was one of the greatest career achievements for himself and his company, Memphis-based Athletic Resource Management, to represent Tebow. “We think he will go very high in the first round, when it is all said and done,” Sexton said.

  • Meanwhile, there is talk in the industry that Tebow could be close to a deal to be the face on the cover of EA Sports’ NCAA College 2011 video game, which will be out this summer.

Full story here.

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