Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tebow-palooza: Welcome to the Big Time!

We live in Gainesville, and we've lived in the same town with Tim Tebow for the last four years. We know he's a rock star, and we always enjoyed the playing of "Party Like a Rock Star" for his high-five lap at the end of games. But we also think of him as a normal guy because we've seen him around town too much to think otherwise, and we mean that as a great compliment.

So, having said that, the national and international attention surrounding Tebow after one Senior Bowl practice and the growing speculation surrounding the Super Bowl ad is kind of funny to us, and we think the world of the guy. But it is also proof to those of us in Gainesville, and the Gator Nation, that one guy can make a difference.

So here's a sample from around the web. Oh, and none of it is sports related.

TMZ goes for beefcake.

People pretends to care about the Super Bowl ad
(How long before Tebow is Sexiest Man Alive?)

The Guardian Media Section AND World News Section AND Commentary

LA Times Business section

Entertainment Weekly

Wall Street Journal

E! Online

But this had the best, and most shameless, headline of all.

And you know you are a pop-culture icon when you take higher billing than American Idol on the Drudge Report, and they've dressed the president up as you, hmm, Superman.

Rock on Tebow! Rock on!

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