Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tebow to lead South in NFL style offense

Finally, some football:

Tim Tebow's position is set: He will play quarterback, and not the Wildcat version. Not tight end or H-back, either.

The guessing game for the former Florida quarterback's NFL future is hardly over, but in today's Senior Bowl, his role is clear. He will help lead the South team against Tony Pike and the North and operate an NFL-style offense that doesn't call for him to plow over defenders on designed running plays when he's not flinging passes.

This week's practices and game are just the start of Tebow's bid to prove he's an NFL quarterback. But regardless of whether he convinced the pro teams, the week hardly diminished his faith in his own abilities.

"I believe in myself," said Tebow, who battled strep throat early in the week. "I believe in my ability and my ability to be coachable and my ability to work hard. So I feel with those things I can be an NFL quarterback."

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Photo: Doug Finger/Gainesville Sun

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