Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Weird becomes Bizarre becomes Surreal ... what's next?

Remember back when you heard Urban Meyer was retiring? And then he didn't. And how weird that all got ... and still kinda is? But then the Gators had a glorious Sugar Bowl, and we all got to watch the Tebow cam, and we were all okay.

Next came the National championship game.

Suddenly, Josh Groban singing the national anthem with Flea and a mariachi band doesn't seem so weird. Or Colt McCoy's arm going dead. Or the sorta streaker dressed as a luchador (even though he was a LSU copycat). And definitely Saban's brutal Gatorade bath.

During and after the NC game, we had the whole Mike Leach vs. Craig James and son saga, and even the Jim Leavitt mini-series.

Then yesterday there was Mark McGuire's long awaited admission. Okay, not startling, but surprising. It was something you didn't think you were ever going to actually hear, and then you did, and well, it was unsatisfying.

Then it actually snowed in Florida. Snowed. Hadn't done that since '89.

Finally, last night Lane Kiffin announced that he was leaving Tennessee and going to USC while a blimp circled the O'Connell Center during the UF-Kentucky basketball game. Interspersed with a good game, we got to see needless pics of the O'Dome's roof glowing while reading tweets and Facebook posts on the mounting chaos in Knoxville.

We live in weird times. But in all of the above, and the fun distractions that it provides us day in and day out, please don't forget that people in Haiti are suffering even more than they were before while we get to have giggles over people who play/coach games for a living.

Just sayin'. If you can help someone help them out, please do so.

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