Friday, January 8, 2010

What a bizarre night.

And we thought the Sugar Bowl was the Bowl of Weird.

Just to recap:

1. Josh Groban sang the national anthem, accompanied by Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and a mariachi band.

2. Bama actually tried a fake and threw an interception....and then Bama's special teams coughed up another one.

3. Colt McCoy was injured on Texas' opening drive, and couldn't feel his arm.

4. Garrett Gilbert, a true freshman, came in for McCoy and looked hopelessly lost (how many people do you think went to bed and missed the following?).

5. A streaker, of sorts, stormed the field in a Luchador costume.

6. Bama only had 3 yds of offense in the 3rd quarter.

7. Texas nearly rallied back and Gilbert became the hero of the night.

8. Nick Saban got the meanest, dirtiest Gatorade bath in the history of Gatorade baths, and left with a "sticky" pink shirt.

9. The SEC became the first conference to win 4 consecutive BCS National Titles, by three different teams.

No, it wasn't a Fellini-esque football dream. It really happened. What a close to the 2009 football season.

To make it even more interesting, here's what everyone was searching for on Google trends:

1. lee corso stroke

2. audra mcdonald

3. colt mccoy injury

4. ray stevens

5. bcs streaker

6. garrett gilbert

7. gtl

8. sherrod harris

9. marcel dareus

10. texas alabama score

Uh huh. Lee Corso stroke and Ray Stevens, topped out anything Bama related. Even Texas' third string QB. The only Bama player to make the list was the guy who not only hit McCoy in the shoulder, but Gilbert too. Makes you wish for some eye black verses to google, doesn't it?

So here's a picture of Tebow, being Tebow, to calm all our nerves and start the official beginning of the 2010 off-season more placidly.

(and, yes, that's Boomer Hornbeck. But check out Pat Forde lingering in the background. Dan Shanoff may have devoted a blog to Tim Tebow, but Forde is the official media Tebow stalker.)

Photo: Gainesville Sun
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