Monday, January 4, 2010

Where do fans want to see Tebow go in the NFL

Here's a few of your answers:

Ideally, I think he should go to Jax... for several reasons (in no certain order).
1. It's his home town, we all know how close he is to his family, how much they'd love him that close, and how much people there love him.

2. Their franchise is HURTING. The marketing that would come from him alone would be HUGE for them.

3. Their team is HURTING. They need to do some serious rebuilding, and they could do it around him since he isn't your "typical" NFL type quarterback.

4. He is used to playing in the state of FL, weather is also a factor.

I HOPE he doesn't go to New England... Belicheck & Brady's morals don't seem to line up with his.

Buffalo... eh. I think he could do better than that (besides, won't he freeze up there?!)

Denver. No. Just no.


I think he could definitely help the jaguars! I would like to see him close to Louisiana but I doubt that happens. Just so it's within driving distance I'm there!


Definitely the Jaguars! :)

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