Saturday, February 13, 2010

Alabama's take on the new Tebow Rule

Ha! Says it all.

Now that Tebow is gone

Eye black has to be black, now that Tim Tebow is gone.

That’s what the NCAA Football Rules Committee had the courage to decide some six weeks after Florida’s iconic quarterback left the collegiate ranks.

“In other news, the committee clarified several equipment issues for 2010, including an issue regarding ‘eye black.’ The committee agreed that if a player elects to wear eye shade, it must be solid black with no words, numbers, logos or other symbols,” reads a passage buried well down near the bottom of the NCAA’s news release on rules changes proposed and adopted by the esteemed committee of coaches in their Feb. 11 meeting.

What that says to me is that college coaches were downright afraid to tackle Tebow, the most visible and controversial — as in football watchers seemed to either love him or hate him, with both groups seeming to grow both larger and more vocal as he became ever more overexposed in his final season with the Gators.

Since this rule was obviously on the books, and since everyone who ever clicked past ESPN or CBS or pretty much any other channel this side of the Food Network knows that Tebow wore eye black with Bible verses to proclaim his faith during games, obviously someone could have spoken up about it sooner.

But now that Tebow has gone, it’s a no-no. No future player shall ever be given the same opportunity again.

I guess next they’ll outlaw crying, Super Bowl commercials and golf outings with famous PGA Tour members.

I might respect the rules committee members if they had had the minerals to take a stand before college football’s golden boy was gone, but it’s hard to take them seriously when one player can make grown coaches flinch.

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