Tuesday, February 9, 2010

All Football, All the Time

It's all football, all the time now. Sadly, not for us, but for Tebow. Tebow is going to concentrate on football only until the NFL Combine later this month. Robbie Andreu has the story.

Tim Tebow has been in the headlines a lot lately, from his performances at the Senior Bowl, to his closing prayer at the National Prayer Meeting in Washington last week, to those Super Bowl ads that were supposed to be controversial but were not.

After all that, look for Tebow to disappear from the headlines for a while. That was the word from his agent, Jimmy Sexton, on Monday.

Sexton, the Memphis-based agent, said Tebow has no more engagements of any kind lined up between now and the start of the NFL Combine on Feb. 24 in Indianapolis.

“It’s going to be nothing but football between now the Combine,” Sexton said.

Tebow is back in Nashville, where he is working out with former NFL quarterback Zeke Bratkowski and former NFL quarterbacks coach Marc Trestman, who was with Tebow at the Senior Bowl.

Tebow is working on his throwing motion and mechanics. Both drew some criticism at the Senior Bowl, and Tebow acknowledged he needed to improve in those areas. If all goes as planned, we won’t be seeing Tebow again until the Combine.

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