Sunday, February 7, 2010

Controversy Sunday: Part 2 Tebow caught with his pants down

Well, Tim Tebow has finally been caught with his pants down. But like so many things with Tebow, it's not what you think. And you can thank the Orlando Sentinel for the controversy.

That's right Tim Tebow stripped down to his underwear and donned a swim cap to sit in an egg for the Gatorade Performance Lab and the Orlando Sentinel ran the photos.

Welcome to the big time everyone!

Oh, and for the record, Gatorade was developed at UF by Gators, hence the name Gatorade. (We've actually got mail on this one. Go Gators!) And when Tebow does officially endorse Gatorade hopefully they'll drop the G non-sense and restore its glorious name!

Gatorade video below. And you'll have to find it for yourselves.

And you can argue with us on the merits of the swim cap, but even Tim Tebow can't make a cpap machine look good. There's hope for us all.

All photos: Mike Stocker/Orlando Sentinel

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