Thursday, February 25, 2010

Even Fox News covers Tebow's throwing motion

Tebow's throwing motion is approaching the status of national treasure. How else do you explain the intense scrutiny, debate, and passionate interest and "disinterest" in such a thing? If our politicians, medical researchers, and space explorers sought the big answers to life with the same vim and vigor that the sporting world loves to discuss and disect Tebow, we'd all live in paradise.

Here's the Fox Story, by the way:

I'll admit it, he had me fooled. Tim Tebow, All-American; I thought he was Mr. Perfect. I was blinded by the warm glow emanating from my TV these past four years during Florida Gators games. The two college football national championships, the Heisman Trophy, the way he changed the lives of the sportscasters who met with him before his games. Even in defeat, he uttered words you could put on a plaque (and somebody did). Even embarrassing none-of-your-business questions from sportswriters about his, um, love life were turned into feel-good moments. Even his "controversial" commercial was endearing. Good grief! Could anyone really be this good?

Well, no. Of course not. We now know that one of the college game's greatest quarterbacks has at least one skeleton in his closet, one appalling personal flaw. Apparently he has a throwing motion which could frighten small children. (Not to mention – with the combine, individual workouts and Draft looming – make grown-up NFL front-office types nervous, too.)

But thankfully Tebow, being Tebow, has vowed to make this right. He's attacking this with the same intensity with which he pushed his Gators to come back from the 2008 loss to Ole Miss (see: the plaque, above). He's assembled an all-star team of coaches (wasn't Sam Wyche running for city council somewhere?), and promised to redeem his release.

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