Friday, February 5, 2010

Jags Fan Weighs in on Tebow NFL Stock Controversy

Controversy may be a bit strong, but when two separate players have publically voiced such divergent opinions on Tebow, it's good to regain a little perspective, and Jags fan has done that well in our eyes.

When you read about the Jaguars as much as I do, you don’t go a day without seeing Tim Tebow’s name come up and usually not in a kind way. The Tebow attacks seemed to intensify after the Senior Bowl. Now even Uche Nwaneri (I assume it was him) weighed in on the negative side. I don’t know why. I have never seen this intensity concerning a college quarterback before, ever. The thing that dismays me the most is Tim Tebow has never done anything to provoke it. Let’s review what Tim has said:

Did he ever demand to be a first round draft choice? No, he said he wants a chance.

Did he say he would only play quarterback in the NFL? No, he said he wants a chance to play quarterback but if it isn’t to be he accepts that.

Did he say he wouldn’t try to change if needed? No, he said he would work harder than anyone to be good and if they coach him, he will learn.

Does any of this sound like a guy who deserves the negative intensity he receives? Not to me it doesn’t.

What is justified is to discuss the mountain Tim would have to climb to be a good quarterback. Take a look at this picture:

With Tim’s long front stride and deep arm drop, this situation would be a sack, a fumble or a scramble for him. For David, it was a touchdown pass. Tim can’t get the ball out of tight places and that is all. No hatred, no mocking, no character assassination, just a simple observation, he needs work.

When I moved down to Jacksonville the first name I heard was Tim Tebow. In his freshman year I thought he was a bit of a novelty. I running kid with a trick jump pass. Very amusing. I didn’t think he could throw.

In his sophmore year I was shocked. Tim could throw. He won the Heisman that year and I admitted he was good. Probably couldn’t win a big game, but he could throw.

In his junior year I was amazed again. Tim could handle pressure and win a big game. Tim Tebow had grown up quickly and advanced his skills again.

In his senior year I saw the effect of the concussion. Tim didn’t look the same after that. I thought the blow to the head took his courage away. I thought that until the Sugar Bowl. What he did to Cincinnati was ridiculous. As Brian Billick said on air “How good must Alabama’s defense be?” I agree.

My point is this, Tim Tebow advanced and grew every year he played. From what I saw, he got better as an all-around player, much better, each year. He promises to bring that dedication to the NFL.

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