Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The NCAA endorses the Tim Tebow Foundation

Well, indirectly. The NCAA has a banner ad on the lower right hand corner of its website for the Celebrate Family. Celebrate Life campaign. Sound familiar?

Click on the ad, and it takes you to this:

Yep, there's the Tebow family Super Bowl ad, along with links to the Tim Tebow Foundation and the Bob Tebow Evangelistic Association.

And to the outraged critics that we heard about this from, don't say another word until you are willing to criticize the NCAA for also adding a photo of a Downs Syndrome child patting a wheelchair bound coach on the back in front of his players. Do you really think that is a coincidence too?

And for other conspiracy minded folk, is the NCAA doing this as amends for banning eye black? Or is yet another Tebow rule coming our way?

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