Friday, February 26, 2010

NFL Icon Watch: "Some guy named Tebow on Podium C"

We love the head line for the NFL piece, "Tebow's arrival heralded by media crush".

And just what kind of crush was that? Apparently more than one member of the NFL media asked Tebow for an autograph. And he, of course, remains to be Typical Tim.

The announcement everyone was waiting for finally came a little after 3 p.m. ET Friday.

“Some guy named Tebow on Podium C,” the public-address announcer jokingly said.

Tim Tebow, University of Florida quarterback and undisputed star of this NFL Scouting Combine, was about to address the media, and they were more than eager to hear from him. A crowd gathered in front of the podium and stood five deep. Reporters’ questions were shouted down by other reporters — a rarity here since most media sessions aren’t this heavily attended.

“Hey, can I get a question in here?” one reporter asked, drawing loud laughter since many probably felt that way, too.

Through it all, Tebow was calm and collected. He politely answered every question for about 15 minutes, then did something befitting his character: He spent a whole minute handing back the stack of tape recorders that littered the podium.

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