Tuesday, February 16, 2010

NFL Icon Watch: Tebow's Girlfriend

After four years of watching Tebow play for the Gators, we all know that one of the most searched items regarding Tebow is "Tebow's girlfriend." Then came the Super Bowl ad controversy.

So if you want to gin up some publicity and some internet traffic what do you publish?

Tebow + girlfriend + Super Bowl = American Idol PR

That's the formula if you are the LA Times trying to promote your American Idol coverage.

For Season 9, we could be looking at the pairing of an "Idol" hopeful with one of football's great hopes -- Orlando auditioner Janell Wheeler whose reported on-again, off-again boyfriend is Tim Tebow, a 2007 Heisman Trophy winner and star quarterback for the Florida Gators.

Tebow was also recently the center of controversy because of his decision to appear in an anti-abortion ad paid for by conservative Christian group Focus on the Family. In the 30-second spot, which aired during Super Bowl XLIV, he joined his mother, Pam, as she recounted her decision to carry a pregnancy to term, despite exposure to amoebiasis and a doctor's recommendation to terminate. Though the word "abortion" is never used, she calls Tebow her "miracle baby" who "almost didn't make it into this world." The spot drew the ire of abortion rights advocates like Planned Parenthood, who called on CBS to pull it.

Tebow stated during the Senior Bowl that she is not his girlfriend.

Our only complaint with Janell is that she has unfortunately reinforced the stereotype of Gators wearing jean shorts. Thanks.

And if being blonde and having your picture with Tebow means you are his "girlfriend" then he must now be dating a Miami fan. Heaven forbid.

And just out of curiosity, why doesn't Tebow have any brunette "girlfriends" because we've definitely seen him in quite a few photos with some beautiful brunettes.

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